Corporate Real Estate

With the increasing usage of cloud technology across the board, it’s raising a lot of curiosity about how it works and what the advantages are of using a cloud-based subscription service. In order to help understand how cloud technology benefits corporations, a comparison may be drawn between cloud technology and commercial real estate.

Consumer Financing

Despite news to the contrary, consumer financing remains an important part of business. After the Great Recession, some people became reticent to purchase things on credit, but most consumers still want the option to “charge it.” As such, offering credit remains valuable to your small business, as it helps to grow your company and build consumer loyalty.

Business Credit

Building business credit is one of the first things you’ll want to do as a new business owner. You’ll come to rely on this credit for financing during slow periods, for unexpected financial emergencies, to grow your venture, and many other reasons. You can build up to a positive score by doing five simple things.