1.) What services do you provide?

We help small businesses and commercial real estate investors seeking capital in the form of a loan or lines of credit. For more details about the type of loans or lines of credit we can help your business get, please click the page titled, “OUR SERVICES”.

2.) What fees does your company charge?

BIZ Funding Connect typically only charge fees for finance products related to commercial real estate such as construction loans, hard money loans, commercial real estate financing, bridge loans, etc.


1.) Do your funding partners charge fees?​

Some of our funding partners do charge fees such as origination fees, a processing fee, etc. Please note that any fees will be disclosed to all clients immediately if one of our funding partners is interested in funding your request.

2.) What interest rates do your funding partners offer?

Interest rates are based on the financing type and direct funding partner. Some of our funding partners offer low single digit interest rates, while some offer high double digit interest rates. Remember, we have over 50 different lenders, and they are all unique. Once we determine the best funding solution for your small business or real estate need, then we can share more accurate rates with you.

3.) Do all your direct funding partners lend up to $500,000,000?

No. Each direct funding partner has its’ own funding range.

4.) Do I have to have a good credit score, strong cash flow, and collateral to qualify for funding?

No. We have partnered with a combination of credit lenders, collateral lenders, and cash flow lenders. Please note that while your credit score does not matter much to a collateral or cash flow lender, what’s in your credit REPORT might.


“If you still have a question, then please feel free to contact us via email, through the contact form, or by phone. We typically respond within 24-48 hours. “